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Is Love At First Sight Real?

We all heard of the saying.

But Is it possible for people to really fall in love with something the moment they see it and simply know that it’s meant to be?

New scientific evidence suggests that yes, they do.

The idea is wonderfully magical: The buyer sees the home for the very first time.

There’s an instant attraction, an electric spark, a wild imagination and suddenly they start planning what kind of furniture goes in to the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

They have found their match.

They couldn’t stop thinking about it, they move their schedule and resources to ensure they get to be with what they love no matter what.

That’s when you know, it is a match.

As a real estate agent, you only have one chance to create the impression of “love at first sight” to a potential buyer.

Without the help of decor and furniture, it is very difficult for the buyer to imagine what their lifestyle will be like for the next 10, 20, 30 years or til retirement.

At Dezin Group, we stage your properties in a luxurious, artistic and welcoming atmosphere to leave a lasting first impression to your prospects who will be desperate to place a buying offer every time.